Paul Fields (
Sun, 10 Oct 1999 19:11:54 -0400

Quick science question...

If the LaGrange points L3, L4, L5 are at an equal distance from
the Earth as the moon is from Earth, they share its elipse round
the Earth. Correct, or am I missing something?

Then if that was correct, L3 which is on the opposite side of Earth
from the Moon would be at its closest to the Earth, when the Moon
is at its furthest, I.E. a Full Moon. Likewise L4, and L5 would orbit
just a little closer/further than the moon respectively, depending on
which end of the Elipse they are in at the time. Correct?

I'm trying to come up with Adjusted flight times for the Earth to the
colonies, there are only 30 distances, and they are symmetrical, so
there would only really be 15. But depending on what time you leave
the distance between the Earth any your destination can vary up to
37 thousand kilometers, adding hours to the trip, and probably heavy
fuel costs.

I'm trying to peice together a calendar of events during the one year
war for a 0079 Gundam game, and flight times will be important.

Thanks in advance for the help...


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