Paul Fields (
Sun, 10 Oct 1999 18:18:21 -0400

Just go the first tape of 0080 dubbed, and I must
say it isn't bad. However since I wasn't reading it
anymore I noticed a few things that left me with 2

Al and Chris are talking about his homeroom teacher
and walk by two sets of signs plastered on the walls
one is for "Jerker" which by the picture I can only be
left the assumption it is the name of a dance, or rock
band. The other says "Beirut" with some odd triangle
icon on it.

Were there any significant battles in Beirut in Gundam
and do they refer to a city on Earth, or Colony name?

Number two, when Amuro meets Lalah for the first time
on Side 6, it rains, then when Chris and Al meet outside
the McKenzie residence, it rains.

Is Colony Rain programmed, or natural? How often does it
rain in the colonies?

I'm curious because Texas colony had the draught problem
obviously something wrong with their ecossystem, but no
one in MS Gundam, or 0080 ever seems to wear rain gear,
like they know when its going to happen...


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