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Spoiler Alert....
Still alerting...

q: I know that Amuro & Char died, Usso (V Gundam) was back on earth... what
Camille Vidan and his replacement (ZZ Gundam) ? And what about Christine
McKenzie? Kou
Uraki ? And also Shiro Amada of the 08th MS Team ?

Chris - For all we know, she recovered from her injuries, and lives happily
ever after.

Kou - All his deeds were erased, was sent to Oakley Base in North Am, found
Nina, and lived happily ever after. Not everyone is that lucky however.

Shiro - He gets to live happily ever after, and is one of few to actually
bear a child (w/ Aina), but he pays for it with his leg.

Camille - Towards the end, he gets his brain fried by Scirocco. However, I
hear his brain is on the road to recovery of sorts.

Judo - He's somewhere near Jupitor.

Hathaway - Executed
Seabrook - ? But we can assume that he'll have a maladjusted life.
Hayato - Dead
Kai - ?
The GWing Boys: They get to live Happily ever after in a world of no mobile
suits, and promptly allow to protect/stalk the ones they love.

Did I miss any major ones?
Y. "I want to fry some brains" Choe

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