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> Just wanna know... after the series of all the gundams...
> what happened to all them?
> I know that Amuro & Char died, Usso (V Gundam) was back on
> earth... what happened
> Camille Vidan and his replacement (ZZ Gundam) ? And what
> about Christine McKenzie? Kou
> Uraki ? And also Shiro Amada of the 08th MS Team ?

Since someone else answered the Zeta & ZZ pilots, I'll take on the other
two. Kou Uraki spend 6 month in a military prison, and got his conviction
record erased along with a whole bunch of other stuff. The Titan
conspirators has to erase the Gundam Project, and Kou was convicted of
stealing GP03 Upon his release, he is reassigned to Oakley North American
base, basically doing what he did before Stardust Incident, piloting
captured MS for performance evaluation. Incidentally, his friend Chuck
Keith was also there, piloting a captured Gelgoog Marine.

Shiro Amada disappeared into a heap of smoke and fire along with APSARAS III
on Episode 11 of 8th MS Team. At the end of episode 12, Michel Ninorich and
Kiki Logita saw Shiro from a distant with binoculars with Aina Sakhalin.
Shiro lost an arm at the end of Apsaras incident, and Aina appears to be

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