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> is the Kaera Sun<my spelling> person in ZZ the same person
> as in CCA ?
> cos if she is, she's supposed to be dead in ZZ. i mean,
> they look N sound similar. . . even the name is pronounced
> same way.

The woman in CCA is Kay-la Sue and the one in ZZ is Kyara (like chara- in
character) Soon. They are different people, and the names may sound
similar but in fact quite different. I don't know the 'official'
spelling but the one used above is phonetic.

> oh yah, how many GFs did Amuro have ? one is chein of CCA,
> is Frau one of them too ?

In the original series Frau had a crush on Amuro but he ignored her,
however they were very close friends.

Amuro had a crush on Sayla Mass but this was forgotten temporarily when
Lieutenant Matilda came into the scene. He then met Lala Sun with whom
he had a special newtype relationship.

After the death of both Matilda and Lala, I think Amuro became scared of
being emotionally hurt again so even though everybody(even Char) knew
that Sayla and Amuro should be together, Amuro never took it any further.
Even years after the war, it was still on the back of his mind.

In Z Gundam, while being kept a virtual prisoner by the Federation, you
do see scenes of him flirting with a couple of girls (I forget if they
were somebody in the story). Then he meets Beltochika Iruma, a member of
Kalaba and he develops a relationship with her.

Next time you see him is in CCA and with Chein Agi.


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