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> I know what you mean. There's all kinds of Gundam mecha that deserve MG
> treatment. There's more Gundams that aren't MGs, too. I'd love to have an
> type 100 and Rick Dias. I would like them to make a Kampfer and Sazabi MG.
> Aaron >>
>but then you couldn't get the 1/20 scale Gato and the 1/20 scale ANONYMOUS
>ZION PILOT #243. ;P

on the practical side...these kits won't have recyclable parts...The MG
shiki would have used MKII parts, but the Rick Dias would have no precedent
parts. Yhe Kampfer could conceivably use parts from both Dom or Zaku, but
not major parts. The Sazabi? Dream on...

I would like to see some of the 0083 pilots turn into figures
Monsha! LOL!

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