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What does HGUC stand for?

High Grade Universal Century ?

Richie Ramos wrote:

> >>Gp02 and Zaku II... I'm starting to think Big Bang Project is
> >>more about quantity than Quality.
> >Hmm... that line sounds awfully familiar...
> Yeah, I would have expected them to make MG kits of the more spectacular
> Villainuos MS.
> >>The Zugock HGUC looks not much different
> >>from the original model of the 80's exept with notch on the arms and legs
> >>instead of straght through.
> >For 700 yen I guess you can't expect much. Too bad the Zugock didn't get a
> >MG treatment instead.
> I actually prefer the Zugock-E from 0080 over this one. I am all for
> revisonism if one can come up with cool designs like the E version.
> >>Well I still hope that they come out with a MG
> >>type 100 and Rick dias.
> Same here, but it would be a long shot fior the rick dias...with teh shiki,
> my guess would be that it will borrow heavily from the parts of the MK2.
> >I won't hold my breath for a MG 100-Shiki, now that it's being released as a
> >HGUC kit. The HGUC line is basically MG designs that had to be cheapened
> >because of market potential and economic reasons. If a design can't be
> >easily retooled and repackaged as a bunch of new kits, and is not a Gundam,
> >then off to the HGUC line it goes.
> >Eddie
> I agree with eddie on this's becoming very apparent that the HGUC
> is a scale down of nonprofitable MG designs.
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