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Richie Ramos wrote:
> >I had a look at an MG Alex, and I must say it's pretty damn faithful to
> >the design of the original RX-78. Still hanging out for an MG
> >Zugok...and I'll be pissed if it's the Zugok-E
> I would actually prefer the E looks more cool, though it
> doesn't have the clunky charm of the original....

hmm, two things I don't like about the Zugok-E, the chest appears to be
'raised'. It looks like a walking mushroom. Second the waist is
thinner. Now I *usually* like MS's with waists as thin as wasps, must
be all those Kobayashi Makoto manga influences, but it doesn't work for
the Zugok-E, atleast not for the version have come to know from 0080.
It could be redesigned to give it that menacing waspy Kobayashi-esque
look, perhaps that's a mission for me...

      Big bore exhausts are for V8 wannabes
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