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>> Dirty Pair - Written by a Westerner
>O.O Noooo, I'm certain I have an interview in a mag somewhere with the
>guy who wrote Dirty Pair, and he was Japanese. If I wasn't in such a
>hurry to get my ass out the door I'd dig it up. =) Maybe later.

Haruka Takachiho wrote the three Dirty Pair novels, spinoffs from his
Crusher Joe series, which were published in 1977. Dirty Pair is a prequel
of sorts, set 20 years before Crusher Joe. (There's a "secret history"
linking the two: Yuri is Crusher Joe's vanished mother and Kei was once
married briefly to Talos.)

DIRTY PAIR NO DAIBOKEN (1980) was translated by David Lewis as THE GREAT
ADVENTURE OF DIRTY PAIR (1987.8.20, Kodansha English Library,
ISBN4-06-186030-5) part of a series of well-known Japanese books published
in English as a learning aid. The other two novels, GREAT CHANGE and GREAT
BATTLE, were published in 1983 and 1985, respectively. The books were all
illustrated by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, whose rendition is what you see on the
movie screen in the Crusher Joe movie (1983). The character designs for
the 1985 TV series and the Nolandia OAV were done by Tsukasa Dokite.

Eclipse's "Studio Proteus" (Adam Warren and Toren Smith) received
permission from Takachiho to produce original English-language Dirty Pair
comics in 1988. Lela Dowling, who wrote and drew Eclipse's FUSION comic,
did the design for Mughi -- alien cats were her specialty -- while Warren
did the rest of the art. Eclipse was folded into Dark Horse in 1990.

And then there's Dirty Pair Flash, teaming Takachiho with an entirely new
art and voice actress team....


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