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>6. The singer for Dreams or In my dreams (12th track) on the GG Fight
>Round 5 Album?

In My Dream is sung by Yuri Amano, the voice actress for Rain Mikamura, on
Track 8 but I haven't identified the artist who did the English version on
Track 12.

>and can someone tell me the names of the opening and ending Songs of G

OP is FLYING IN THE SKY by Hiro Takahashi. He also sang TRUST YOU FOREVER.

>Gundam 0083
>I need to know the singer for the following songs from 0083:
>1. The singer for THE WINNER (2nd track) on the MAGIC/THE WINNER Single?
>2. The singer for BACK TO PARADISE (16th track) on the STARDUST MEMORY
>BOX Album?

Miki Matsubara sang both THE WINNER and its English version, BACK TO PARADISE.

>3. The singer for True Shining (1st track) on the True Shining/Mon ctoil
>4. The singer for Mon ctoil (2nd track) True Shining/Mon ctoil Single?

Rumiko Wada sang both TRUE SHINING and MON ÉTOIL (French for "My Star").

>Char's Counterattack
>I need to know the singer for the song from CCA:
>1. The singer for BEYOND THE TIME (1st track) on the BEYOND THE TIME



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