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Edward Ju wrote:

> Hope you know what you're getting into... they're old designs that requires
> major gluing and painting, and articulation at the joints are minimal...
> cool and wacky designs to be sure, but don't expect an easy time building
> them.

it's not too bad. My 1/100 Zugok which I just finished really does not
require too much painting, although I chose to, and I have learnt in the
past not to overdo the glue, was a dream to put together. Anyway
painting is the fun part. Modelling without painting and glue is for
sissies (exception to soft vinyl) :P

I fail often with models in the past, I recall 1/144 MkII, Super
Valykrie, Gouf (which turned out okay no paint job tho), and the
Zetaplus. I must say this Zugok is the first MS model I am actually
pleased and proud to show people, although I am slightly displeased
about the posability of it. Once I get a web cam or digital cam, I can
take a few snaps of this for ya...and BTW for those who want, too late :P

      Big bore exhausts are for V8 wannabes
                  Michael Ip

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