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Steven Yam wrote:

> I need to know the singer for the following songs from GG:
> 1. The singer for Requiem for Star Junk
$$B@16}$N%l%/%$%(%`(B (Requiem of Star Junk)
$BE7LnM3M|(B <Amano Yuri>

> 2. The singer for Inochi no Tobori(Door of Life)
$B:2(B<,$B$$$N$A(B>$B$NHb(B (Door of Life)
$BE7LnM3M|(B <Amano Yuri>

> 3. The singer for Elegy for the Victors
$B>!Mx<TC#$NHT2N(B (Elegy for the Victors)
$BBg;3=$;J(B (Ooyama Shuuji

> 4. The singer for Deeper than the Sea
> 5. The singer for The Eternity Within You
hmm, are these the translated title or the actual title?

> 6. The singer for Dreams or In my dreams (12th track) on the GG Fight
> Round 5 Album?
In my dreams
$B?75o><G5(B <Shinkyo Akino (?)>

> Gundam 0083
> I need to know the singer for the following songs from 0083:
> 1. The singer for THE WINNER (2nd track) on the MAGIC/THE WINNER Single?
The Winner
$B>>86$_$-(B <Matsuhara Miki>

> 2. The singer for BACK TO PARADISE (16th track) on the STARDUST MEMORY
> BOX Album?
Back to Paradise
$B>>86$_$-(B <Matsuhara Miki>

> 3. The singer for True Shining (1st track) on the True Shining/Mon ctoil
> Single?
True Shining
$BOBED$k$_;R(B <Wada Rumiko>

> 4. The singer for Mon ctoil (2nd track) True Shining/Mon ctoil Single?
Mon etoil
$BOBED$k$_;R(B <Wada Rumiko>
> Char's Counterattack
> I need to know the singer for the song from CCA:
> 1. The singer for BEYOND THE TIME (1st track) on the BEYOND THE TIME
> Single?
Beyond the time$B!J%a%$%V%9$N1'Ch$r1[$($F!K(B
TM Network, the actual vocalist is $B1'ET5\N4(B (Utsunomiya Takashi)

>, and if anyone has the BEYONG THE TIME (instruemental mix) [2nd
> track) in mp3 on the above CD Single?
As far as I know there are only two other versions of Beyond the time.
On is the extended version which can be found on 'TM Network Carol, A
day in a girls life' or a live version in 'TMN Colusseum II' All the
MIDI version on the net that I have found are of the exteneded version.

> I really need help in knowing the singers as i am making a database of
> Singers who sung Gundam Songs. As for the request for the 2 tracks in
> mp3, i am willing to trade some of my own anime mp3s in return. Feel
> free to contact me privately. Thanks and sorry for such a long post.
beaten you to it sorry, well to the concept anyway I have a resonably
'complete' database of Gundam Music, but I still need to get my
webserver up 24/7 so you still may beat me yet :P BTW, I don't deal in
mp3's unless I have to. My server will be up tonight well, (1000-0600
GMT), email you ICQ number to me (privately) and I can send you my web
address went I know what my IP address is.

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