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> BTW, on, what is that
> Dom using? A Beam Bazooka?
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Man that sucks. I thought I was going to see the Rick Dom from 0080 and
0083 but it turns out just to be the Rick Dom from 0079. I own myself a MG
Dom, so to me this MG is just a variant with maybe with a modified feet and
the back thrusters. I won't dish out my money agains just for getting an
extra beam bazooka. But for those who don't own any MG Doms yet, I think
this one should be the one to get. Unless you want the black trinary Orteg
figure and all those weapons from 0083 that comes with the original MG Dom.
But the N-T1 now that's an MG worth getting it. Boy I must get that NT-1, my
eyes are so sore by staring at that model everyday on the screen :) (hehe
exaggeration there, if I did that everyday, I would be blind by now.)

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