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Alex asks,

>Anyone can give me the whole story of Hi Nu gundam ? And anyone can give
>specs on Nightingale and Hi Nu Gundam ?

  As Dafydd notes, these are derived from Tomino's Char's Counterattack
novel. In the novel, they effectively replace the movie versions. The
Hi-Nu is actually referred to as the plain old Nu Gundam, and the
Nightingale is really just the Sazabi by a different name, but designer
Yutaka Izubuchi did fancy new illustrations for the novel which have come
to be thought of as their own distinct entities.

  Thus, the Nightingale is the mutant Sazabi Izubuchi drew for the novel,
while the Hi-Nu is a nickname for the winged version of the Nu Gundam
depicted therein.

Michael Ip replies,

>Someone asked this question
>some months back, and I posted the specs from the B-Club magazine,
>verbatim in Japanese and translated into English. I do not have specs
>for the Hi-nu Gundam

  And so he did. While The Nightingale was featured in a B-Club back
issue, complete with specs, the Hi-Nu has never been spec'd out.

  The most recent place you'll find these is in Mediaworks' Data
Collection 7, the Char's Counterattack volume (ISBN 4-07-309128-X, Y850).
Here, the Hi-Nu is described as a completed version of the Nu Gundam;
after further tests, it was fitted with wing-like funnel pods through
which the fin funnels can recharge and refuel, plus a huge hyper mega
beam launcher. The Nightingale, meanwhile, is a new mobile suit based on
the Sazabi and incorporating Alpha Aziel-style funnel pods, plus "hidden
hands" a la The O.

Dafydd replies,

>The RGZ-91B Re-GZ Custom is from the CCA-MSV (Mobile Suit Variation) line
>of after-the-fact tweaks of MS featured in the actual anime. CCA-MSV
>includes the aforementioned Re-GZ, the RX-93 Nu-Gundam DFF (Dual Fin
>Funnel) Type, the FA-93HWS Nu-Gundam HWS (Heavy Weapon System) Full Armor
>Type and the RX-94 Mass-Production Nu-Gundam.

  All of which have different provenances. The transforming RGZ-91B Re-GZ
Custom, RGM-89S Stark Jegan, and heavy weapons Geara Doga were original
Izubuchi creations featured in the first-edition MS Encyclopedia (with
complete specs, which Mediaworks seems not to have consulted before
making up new ones for MS Encyclopedia 98). The HWS Nu Gundam is another
Izubuchi creation featured in B-Club magazine.

  The Dual Fin Funnel Nu Gundam, RGC-90 Jegan Heavy Armor, AMS-119S Geara
Doga Kai, AMS-120 Geara Doga Psycommu Test Type, NZ-222 Psyco Doga, and
NZ-444 Beta Aziel are all variants from the model kit manuals.

  The RX-94 is from Okawara's crummy MS Collection.

-- Mark

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