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>>Actually the GP-02 is taller than the Dom. Yeah bummer, the Dom should be
>>taller if you see the stats, but like I said before in this mailing
>>list(can't remember when) that GP-02 is out of scale, is actually taller
>>than its measurements. Not to mention the flaws it comes with. For
>>instance, it can't hold the shield, the arm section comes of whenever you
>>try to manipulate and the shoulder binders looks more square and bulkier
>>than the round and sleek one on the series. So by far, MG Dom is the best
>>MG now, well MG ALex should be its successor, but we don't know how well it
>>is until we actually hold one in our hands.

Hmmm. I have to agree that the GP02 is quite an impressive MG kit. the
defects it has in construction are easily taken care of, but damn...the
feet are the's not that poseable because of them...

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