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>>The RX-93 Hi-Nu-Gundam and MSN-02 Nightingale are powered-up versions of
>Oops! I keep doing this with both the Sazabi and the Nightingale, typing
>"MSN-02" when I mean MSN-04.
>Come to think of it, I seem to recall that the Nightingale is actually
>MSN-04B or something like that. There may also be a similar modification
>of the model number for the Hi-Nu -- I don't recall ever seeing any specs
>on either one, hence the uncertainty.
>Oh, and just too confuse things further, I think Kazuhisa Kondoh did his
>own version of the Nightingale in one of his manga side stories....

I have half a mind to buy two finfunnel kits and just make a double fannel
version for myself...but am thinking of ways to get the extra bazooka in

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