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Dom Tetreault wrote:

> Just checked it out, I keep forgetting. The Zogok looks fantastic! Were
> there *any* scratchbuilts/conversions for it? 'Cos I certainly wouldn't
> mind having one... =) Anyone know why it got cut from the original
> series? It looks way too good to be just held back. (Maybe 'cos it would
> have been too hard to make a model out of, with that mono-eye just
> floating around up there.)
> - d

I think they came up with the Zogock after the TV series ended, or had
planned to include them in the series but did not have the time. The
original show was nearly cancelled mid-season and it was wrapped up sooner
than Tomino initially planned. I know for certain that they were not
specifically designed for model release as I have sketches of them in a book
which pre-dates the model releases by one year.

The four kits of the secret unproduced MS were released in 1982. They are
MSM-04N AgGu-Guy (July 1/144 and 1/100 - not MSM-04 AgGuy), MSM-04G JuAgg
(August 1/144 only), EMS-05 AgGu (September 1/144 and 1/100) and MSM-08
Zogock(November 1/144 and 1/100).


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