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Not the only one...I saw the Gundam TV series when I was a young'n in Japan. I
saw Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeada before they were merged into Robotech
here in the States.

The weird thing is, I first saw the US Transformers cartoon in Japan, dubbed in
Japanese. I originally thought it was a Japanese cartoon, having originally
played with the Diaclone toys. Weird, huh?

Joaquin Torres

Master Asia wrote:

> Thanks Everybody!! Thats exactly what I thought. Almost everyone here has seen
> Macross/Robotech first, thats cool. ::Sigh:: I'm the only kid in the US whose
> seen Gundam first, don't get me wrong I'm only 18 I saw it in chinese when I
> was around five or six.
> To be in the right frame of mind to watch Macross 7? I tried so hard!! I
> bought the first box set for 90.00!! But to me its was just too freaky. They
> took the singing a little bit too far, I mean singing is a plot that has been
> used too many times, and that pink-haired girl... SHE'S 14!!! and she getting
> married?
> Maybe the second half will be better? who knows... but all I know is I'd
> rather waste that money on a 2 valkerie models and a Big Mac....
> - Roger
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