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> Another question I want to ask is what is the rank of Camille near the
> end of Zeta? If Fa has a rank (in the episode where Sara is planning a bomb
> in the park, when Camille is calling Fa to the park office, he said
> something like Fa Yuri guncho(?)), then it's safe to assume Camille has a
> rank too....

Camille hated the military strongly and did not want to have anything to do with
them from the outset, and even though he fought with AEUG and accepted his
role, I don't think he officially accepted (or would have accepted) any
military commision. AEUG being a non-conventional eclectic military group
overlooked a lot of violations in military protocol and concentrated on winning
the war. (Knowing Camille's abilities and his potential, it was more important
to have him fighting for AEUG then quibble over Camille being a civilian)

Amuro on the other hand really didn't have much choice. The Federation being a
strictly traditional military would not allow a civilian to fight with its
equipment regardless of circumstances. He was given a military commission
before he knew what was happening, and although he did object it was too late to
do anything about it.

To those who are interested here are the Japanese ranks used in the Gundam
series. I find that the English subtitles often mix up the ranks of different
branches of the military. One minute a character is a Lieutenant Commander
which is a naval rank and later on when he is promoted he becomes a Colonel
which is an army/airforce/marines rank I personally prefer the naval ranks (as
with Star Wars, Star Trek etc) for character who command/crew the space ships.
You can listen for these ranks by listening for the word after the characters'
names, not before as in English.

Another interesting note, Japanese people use their family name first and then
their given name. However the characters in the Gundam series use given name
first then the family name as in English speaking countries. But when referring
to them using military rank they use the first part of the name as they do in
Japan, when in effect they should be using the last part of the name if they
were to maintain the English name format. So for example Char Aznable should be
Aznable Sho-sa, not Char Sho-sa. This as you can see for 'John Smith', is
equivalent to saying Lieutenant Commander John instead of Lieutenant Commander
Smith. Since most character names are unlike any 'normal' names most people
don't notice it but if you really think about it, it does get weird.

non-commissioned personnel

Hei-sotsu Private
Go-cho Corporal
Gun-so Sergeant
So-cho Sergeant Major/Master Sergeant

commisioned officers
Sho-i 2nd Lieutenant - Army(US)
                                Ensign - Navy(US)
                                2nd Sublieutenant - Navy(UK)

Chu-i 1st Lieutenant - Army(US),AirForce(US)
                                Lieutenant - Army(UK)
                                Lieutenant Junior Grade - Navy(US)
                                Sublieutenant - Navy(UK),AirForce(UK)

Tai-i Captain - Army(US)
                                 Lieutenant Senior Grade - Navy(US)
                                 1st Lieutenant - Navy(UK)

Sho-sa Major - Army
                                  Lieutenant Commander - Navy

Chu-sa Lieutenant Colonel - Army(US),AirForce(US)
                                    Commander - Navy
                                    Flight/Wing Commander - AirForce(UK)

Tai-sa Colonel - Army,AirForce
                                    Captain - Navy

Jun-sho Brigadier General - Army(US), AirForce(US)
                                    Brigadier - Army(UK)
                                    Air Commodore - AirForce(UK)
                                    Commodore - Navy(UK)

Chu-jo Lieutenant General - Army,AirForce
                                      Vice Admiral - Navy
                                      Air Marshall - AirForce(UK)

Sho-sho Major General - Army,AirForce
                                    Rear Admiral - Navy

Tai-sho General

Tei-toku Admiral

Gen-sui General of the Army (US)
                                    Fleet Admiral - Navy(US)
                                    Admiral of the Fleet - Navy(UK)
                                    Field Marshall - Army(UK)

Also 'Kan-cho' is not a rank but a term used to address a warship's captain.
Giren Zabi in 0079 series is the 'So-shirei-kan' which is the Commander-in-chief
or Supreme Commander and he is addressed as 'So-sui'=the leader or commander.


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