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> when gundam was first kicked out in 1979, i was only
> two years old. gah! everyone else was watching
> voltes v and daimos. so i watched along, not that
> there was anything much that my dim wit could
> understand back then. i'd watch anything "cartoon".
> astroboy, starblazers, g-force, the force five
> package. i think there was even an ultraman anime?
> (was there?) all those series, and i still remember
> macross the best.

Well, I was 4 when Gundam kicked off, and I think back then I was still
really watching Denji Man (remember them ?) back in Thailand. The thing that
really got me into Gundam was actually Plamo Kyoshiro, although I had always
been aware of Gundam. The first time I really noticed it was the big fanfare
when Zeta Gundam came out. I saw a few episodes of Zeta, but that was *such*
a long time ago, I barely remember it. And I would give my right arm to watch
it in English :)

My first real exposure to Giant Robot anime was Grendizer. I was well into
Ultraman as well. Giant space aliens in spandex costumes protecting earth
from other giant monster space aliens ? You gotta love it....

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