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> Whoever did such a lazy job on bringing Gundam kits to the U.S. deserves to
> be publicly executed. The lack of translated material shows BAI's obvious
> contempt for U.S. fans, and I will not be sorry if their U.S. launch of
> Gundam kits end up being a flop.

I agree. Wonder if they are just for the test market? said awhile
ago that Bandai was going test market Gundam first. I know there's really no
way to tell, but when you bought one, did it feel like its the final product
or just for a test market area? Bandai could have done better. I doubt it is,
but I hope this was just done as a test market, I'm pretty sure the test
market is supposed to be starting this Fall, which is basically now.
Importing the kits is still the way to buy Gundam, ya know? Why bother to buy
a Gundam kit at TRU, if the manual with all the good info. is not in English?
Bandai's going to kill US Gundam if they continue like this.

> It is funny how Bandai didn't have any problem with dubbed tapes, but tried
> to "stay true to the original" when it comes to model kits. Next thing you
> know we will see a U.S. Gundam game with everything still in Japanese
> for a sheet of controls instructions being translated hazardously inserted
> into the original packaging being wrapped in a semi-English box.

Ugh. God forbid, but it could happen, if the games are treated the way you
said how the kits where done.

> With the Internet drivng down the price of Gundam kits, I hope BAI's entry
> into the US market does not end up jacking the kits' prices back up
> after all, they are the same people who tried to control people who import
> and distribute Gundam kits, and it looks like the reason is rather obvious
> now...

I know what you mean. I hope this does not affect the prices of the kits. I
see no reason for Gundam kits to be in places like TRU or buy them there,
unless the kits original Japanese manual was left alone and just have the
text on the manual in English.


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