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>Yeah I got these two models too for quite a while. They look amazing and
>striking. Like you've mentioned the joints aren't done too good. My
>Zugock's joint is already squeaking from all the looseness whenever it's
>been tilted or manipulated. The only solution is to replace them with
>polycaps if you can, but for me I'll just let it stay the way they are since
>the parts are already been glued. Hygog, the only thing that bugs me is the
>length and moveability of the arms. The arms are shorter than the actual
>length. If you look at the resin versions, you'll notice how long those
>arms are. Yeah flexibility, don't know if anyone can make the arms bendable
>instead of them moving foward and backward motion. But I'm crossing my
>fingers for the MG versions to come out. :) Have fun building these

Yes, I'm thinking of having darker or medieval paint jobs on them, as well
as doing some modifitcations...I'd like to see more weapons on these guys....

Am thinking of how to thread a small copper wire through the arms so that
it can be posed with some rigidity.

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