garrick lee (
Thu, 7 Oct 1999 07:12:46 -0700 (PDT)

> >I have noticed that people on the gundam ML really
> like Macross... a lot!
> So I
> >was wondering who here has actually seen Gundam
> before macross? I saw Gundam
> >0079 when I was like 6 or 7 and recently reading
> the Gundam ML, It seems that
> >Macross seems more popular here than Gundam. So,
> just out of curiosity I was
> >wondering who here has seen gundam First?

not me.

i grew up on robotech. the macross saga anyway (which
i just finished watching again just now :P). for some
reason, i only catched southern cross and mospeda ten
years later.

when gundam was first kicked out in 1979, i was only
two years old. gah! everyone else was watching
voltes v and daimos. so i watched along, not that
there was anything much that my dim wit could
understand back then. i'd watch anything "cartoon".
astroboy, starblazers, g-force, the force five
package. i think there was even an ultraman anime?
(was there?) all those series, and i still remember
macross the best.

> If I had to compare Macross to an American icon,
> it'd be Star Wars --
> glitzy, flashy, trendy, fun, heavy on mythos and
> fantasy and light on
> science, full of sound and fury but signifying
> nothing.

signifying nothing?

hey! the pathos in macross may not be as heavy handed
as gundam...and star wars (barring that prequel) has a
lot more going for it than star trek...but...oh


seeing as how i'm a protoculture junkie that dislikes
star trek, and likes star wars, i'll take that as a
complement, -z-...i think...:P



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