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>I have noticed that people on the gundam ML really like Macross... a lot! So I
>was wondering who here has actually seen Gundam before macross? I saw Gundam
>0079 when I was like 6 or 7 and recently reading the Gundam ML, It seems that
>Macross seems more popular here than Gundam. So, just out of curiosity I was
>wondering who here has seen gundam First?
        Well, I was aware of Macross first, due to the Robotech RPG,
though I didn't find out its origins until later. Gundam I got
introduced to early on by Zs Anime UK articles, but it was quite some
time before I actually *saw* any Gundam. I saw Macross first through
>Oh yeah, doesn't Gundam seem to be the Japanese version of Star Trek? I mean
>here you have trekkies and there you have gundam fans( no offense to you all
>because I'm a big gundam fan). And doesn't Macross seem like Babylon 5 like
>something similar but not quite but also with lots of fans?
        I've heard the Gundam/Star Trek one before, but its the first
time I've heard anyone describe Macross in similar terms, though it does
seem quite fitting. Its possible to read a little too much into the
analogies, though, I think - I think its better to think of it as
parallel evolution - where two very similar beasts develop along similar
lines to each other but completely independently...

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