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>Subject: [gundam] Curiosity
>Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999 18:12:54 -0400
>I have noticed that people on the gundam ML really like Macross... a lot!
>So I
>was wondering who here has actually seen Gundam before macross? I saw
>0079 when I was like 6 or 7 and recently reading the Gundam ML, It seems
>Macross seems more popular here than Gundam. So, just out of curiosity I
>wondering who here has seen gundam First?
>Oh yeah, doesn't Gundam seem to be the Japanese version of Star Trek? I
>here you have trekkies and there you have gundam fans( no offense to you
>because I'm a big gundam fan). And doesn't Macross seem like Babylon 5 like
>something similar but not quite but also with lots of fans?
>I mean I know these are stupid questions but I really curious about this.

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hmm now i didn't actually SEE gundam first as in the movies when i was 8 or
9 i went to a summer camp and one of the councelers in my clay class was
making what looked liek a giant clay knight (It was an RX-78) needless to
say i was interested so broughtin a bung of gundma comics in japanese adn i
was instantly addicted he said that while gundam was one of the best big
robot shows available taht i shoudl watch macross becasue it was easier to
getso I my first big robot experience was gundam but my first big robot
anime experience was macross.


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