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On 1 Oct 99, at 15:45, Edward Ju wrote:
> Search through the archives, at no point in time did I attribute this
> remark to Tomino. Are words being put in my mouth? And if Tomino did not
> make such a remark, then nobody in Japan has described the Turn A thus so?
> Now I wish I had taken some advanced logic courses in college, because my
> little brain is not equipped to make such logical leaps. ;)
> An exact quote from p17 of the July 1999 issue of Image magazine:
> "Even the Japanese initially called the design (Turn A) a 'national shame'."
> Judging by the well-researched articles published in the magazine (one of
> which has been translated by yours truly earlier this week which few read)
> and the publisher's close proximity to Japan, I see little reason to
> discredit these printed words, which shoulder the responsibility of

Ergh! I am still not able to get my hand on the Image magazine.
But since I am monitoring tw.bbs.rec.comic (the equivlent of
rec.arts.anime.misc), I had a few exchange with several of Image's
principles. I am not sure if the quote is from AIplus. But if it was
him, he is currently(last I heard from him this summer) resides in
Cambrige, Mass. attending MIT for graduate degree in physics.
Further away from Japan compare to us Californians. ^_^

But I agree, as Gundam fans, the people who are with Image(and
the defunt Magic Zone) are really cool people. Except maybe TP,
who is a feddie.

Jim Huang

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