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>>Hi-Nu is, AFAIK, a model-only version of the Nu. It wasn't in CCA, that's
>>for sure. That's about all I know, tho.
>>From what I can remember discussed on here, the Hi-Nu was in a novel
>adaptation of CCA, flown by Amuro, with the Nightingale flown by
>Char. As you can see from the designs, things were changed up a bit from the
>CCA anime. There is also a variant model of the Re-Gz that
>might be from the book adaptation too.

Not quite. We have an apples-and-oranges situation here.

The RX-93 Hi-Nu-Gundam and MSN-02 Nightingale are powered-up versions of
the Nu-Gundam and Sazabi featured in the Tomino alternate-history version
of CCA, Hi-Streamer. There are no specs for these, just as there are no
specs for the MS that appeared in Hathaway's Flash or the other alternative
CCA, Beltochika's Children.

The RGZ-91B Re-GZ Custom is from the CCA-MSV (Mobile Suit Variation) line
of after-the-fact tweaks of MS featured in the actual anime. CCA-MSV
includes the aforementioned Re-GZ, the RX-93 Nu-Gundam DFF (Dual Fin
Funnel) Type, the FA-93HWS Nu-Gundam HWS (Heavy Weapon System) Full Armor
Type and the RX-94 Mass-Production Nu-Gundam. You can find specs for these
in Entertainment Bible 52, but you'll need a microsocope to read them.


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