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>I have noticed that people on the gundam ML really like Macross... a lot!
So I
>was wondering who here has actually seen Gundam before macross? I saw Gundam
>0079 when I was like 6 or 7 and recently reading the Gundam ML, It seems that
>Macross seems more popular here than Gundam. So, just out of curiosity I was
>wondering who here has seen gundam First?

Although I grew up watching anime -- Astro Boy, Gigantor, Amazing 3. 8th
Man -- it was always the translated stuff. This continued through Star
Blazers, Battle of the Planets, Voltron, Thunderbirds 2086 and Robotech and
even included a Roger Corman produced dubbed version of Galaxy Express 999,
with Captain Harlock styled in imitation of John Wayne.

Then, in 1986, I attended my first World Science Fiction Convention
(WorldCon 44 AKA Con*Federation) and discovered not only Macross, Southern
Cross and Mospeada but also Orguss, Dirty Pair, SPT Layzner, Project A-Ko
... and Z-Gundam.

The rest, as they say, is history. I collected everything I could find
about Z-Gundam and its successors, but never actually looked any further
into the first series than the three compilation movies.

>Oh yeah, doesn't Gundam seem to be the Japanese version of Star Trek? I mean
>here you have trekkies and there you have gundam fans( no offense to you all
>because I'm a big gundam fan). And doesn't Macross seem like Babylon 5 like
>something similar but not quite but also with lots of fans?

Gundam shares a number of striking similarities with Star Trek. It defied
many of the conventions of the genre for which it is known. It was
initially a flop but became a hot item in re-runs. It is now a household
word and many of the characters are so well known that their quoted
dialogue has taken on a life of its own and entered the language.

Despite surface similarities, Macross is quite different from Gundam.
Gundam's a coming-of-age story, Macross a romantic love story. Gundam
characters are almost emotional cripples, Macross characters are only
somewhat troubled. Most Gundam characters are anti-heroic, most Macross
characters are archetypal.

If I had to compare Macross to an American icon, it'd be Star Wars --
glitzy, flashy, trendy, fun, heavy on mythos and fantasy and light on
science, full of sound and fury but signifying nothing.

>I mean I know these are stupid questions but I really curious about this.

If you think the questions are stupid, wait 'til you see the answers! (^_^);


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