Paul Fields (
Wed, 06 Oct 1999 14:34:04 EDT

> >Why do most Gundam pilot,
> >like Camille, Amuro, Judo and Seabook get to wear a "special" version of
> >normal suit than other pilots?

Just special I guess ;)

> Reason 6) To make the heroes of the show "stand out", just as
>having them pilot Gundams and other advanced mecha mark these characters
>as the real stars of the show.

As if the better mecha, one or more girlfriends, everyone
asks their opinion on stuff, neato 70s hair, and dysfunctional
family life didn't already SCREAM I'm a tragic anime hero!

He's the guy in the WHITE uniform...

<Sarcasm Mode Off>

You'll notice however that Shiro, and everyone
else in 08th MS Team wears the same thing after
episode 2, where Shiro finds out how damn hot
the space suit can be... in the jungle...


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