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> I think I had ask this question a while ago, but I don't think I get a
>real answer, so I thought that asking it again. Why do most Gundam pilot,
>like Camille, Amuro, Judo and Seabook get to wear a "special" version of
>normal suit than other pilots? All other pilots seems to be wearing the
>normal, pilot standard normal suit, yet how come Camille and the rest of the
>Gundam pilots get to wear one with different colors?
        Well, in a light hearted vein:

        Reason 1) By incredible coincidence, the characters who get the
most screen time always seem to get the last uniform left at the bottom
of the wash, which other colours have leached onto.

        Reason 2) All Gundams are equipped with, for no additional cost,
a limited edition tailor made pilots uniform.

        Reason 3) The uniforms are actually alien symbionts that enhance
the users abilities but lead to disturbing changes in their character
and personality, making them unsocial and emotionally difficult - oh,
hang on, thats Spider Man. But now I think about it, it does seem to sum
up quite a few Gundam pilots...

        Reason 4) Fashion. Gundam pilots are the pinnacle of the
military crop, and are an inspiration to the poor GM pilots who keep
getting portrayed as bungling idiots. To restore morale, Gundam pilots
are issued with top quality, high fashion uniforms so that every GM
pilot can one day aspire to owning one. (anyone who reads Dilbert will
know that this tactic is actually sometimes employed by real companies!)

        Reason 5) They ran out of the right colour ink after portraying
everyone else in standard colours in the first episode, and had to use
whatever colours were left, thus creating a continuity problem if the
normal colours were restored in later episodes - though no-one noticed
that the uniforms were of a much better technology than should have been
available according to published timelines.

        Reason 6) To make the heroes of the show "stand out", just as
having them pilot Gundams and other advanced mecha mark these characters
as the real stars of the show.

        One of the above may possibly be the right one. ^_^
        I'm off to find some more medication...

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