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> I've been watching Gundam 08th MS Team this week,
> and so far, I've been up to episode 10 already...
> Can't get my hands into the next episode yet... I'm
> so impressed the way the EZ8 is... it's like it's
> much better than the RX-79 itself... Now, I know
> it was a modified version of the original RX-79
> because replacement parts are not available... is it
> true? and who made it anyway?

Check out the answer I've written for a similar
question posted earlier in August:

and if you would like to know more about Ez8 and other
08's mechas, pls check out the "Gundam Machine"
section at our site "Newtype Asylum":

> And why is the beam rifle of the RX-79 looks more
> advanced than that of the RX-79? Either that beam
weapon is made for earth and not for space right?

sorry for another shameless plug, but our pages on
RX-79(G) "ground-combat Gundam" will hopefully answer
any of your questions. Just check them out! ^_^

> And how does the episode 11 end?

u should check out the GML achives back in April and

where we have a busy discussion on the ending of "The
Vibrating Mountain" (part II)! :)

> I feel like I wanna buy that Gouf Flight type or the
> Gouf Custom model... can anyone recommend me which?

Both. They are both well make kits. While GC has loads
of goodies u saw in the OVA, GFT looks very cool. The
appearance of Gouf in '08' make them popular again.

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