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Wed, 6 Oct 1999 05:04:41 -0700

    I think I had ask this question a while ago, but I don't think I get a
real answer, so I thought that asking it again. Why do most Gundam pilot,
like Camille, Amuro, Judo and Seabook get to wear a "special" version of
normal suit than other pilots? All other pilots seems to be wearing the
normal, pilot standard normal suit, yet how come Camille and the rest of the
Gundam pilots get to wear one with different colors?

    Another question I want to ask is what is the rank of Camille near the
end of Zeta? If Fa has a rank (in the episode where Sara is planning a bomb
in the park, when Camille is calling Fa to the park office, he said
something like Fa Yuri guncho(?)), then it's safe to assume Camille has a
rank too....

Edmund Chiu

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