Winn Sevilla (
Wed, 06 Oct 1999 19:35:05 +0800

I've been watching Gundam 08th MS Team this week, and so far, I've been up to
episode 10 already... Can't get my hands into the next episode yet... I'm so
impressed the way the EZ8 is... it's like it's way much better than the RX-79
itself... Now, I know that it was a modified version of the original RX-79
because replacement parts are not available... is it true? and who made it

And why is the beam rifle of the RX-79 looks more advanced than that of the
RX-79? Either that beam weapon is made for earth and not for space right?

And how does the episode 11 end?

I feel like I wanna buy that Gouf Flight type or the Gouf Custom model... can
anyone recommend me which?

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