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OP Title: Arashi no nake de Kagayaite - Shine in the Storm

There are two/three(?) extra songs in the series. They include:
Eien no Tobira - Gate of Eternity
Mirai no Futari (?) - Together in the Future

And in the Orchestral Album (the one with wrecked EZ8), two songs were included as well:
Nameless Vision(?)
Open Your Eyes.

All songs in this series were sung by Yonekura Chihiro. They remain my top faves of all Gundam songs, even beating out the eternal "Star of Water."

Hope this helps.
Y. "Brain is fried, back to inattentive lurking" Choe

PS. I ain't dead yet. Not by far.

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Does Anyone remember the name of this song? Been awhile since I have seen
the show, and I can't remember the title.

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