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Tue, 5 Oct 1999 18:16:00 -0400

I think the MG dom kit is slightly taller than the GP-02. I don't own one,
yet, I've only seen one assembled in a store, and there weren't any others
nearby to compare it with.

> Since I'm not sure about this mailing list's policy about sending
> attachments I won't send it here, but if anyone wants to see how bad I am

I think the official policy is "no attachments". Not sure, I've never really
bothered to send any over here.

> model construction (and painting) I can send it to people on request. :)
> this is my first time posting so don't flame to hard if I did something
> wrong. ;)
> mike

Welcome to our community of gundam nuts. Some of us are bigger nuts than
others. BURN! BURN! (Sorry, couldn't help it, had to make a fire joke.)

Matt "pointless babble" Hanyok
"Amazing. You spoke all that but didn't actually say anything."

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