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> No, they don't change the song, so there are only two Gundam X opening
> song - Dream and Resolution.

Thanks! I figured that resolution was the other opening track... it sounded
like one.

> Sorry to disappoint you, but the series just get worse and worse as it
> goes. If not for the fact that I like Tifa and want to know what happen to
> her, I wouldn't even finish watching the whole thing. Personally, I like
> Gundam X Divider best.

yah, that's what I've been hearing. Idunno, I'll wait until I've seen more
to pass judgment on the series, but looking at my schedule, it probably
won't be until next weekend that I'll get to see episodes 5-8.

> For Gundam W, only those opening songs and ending songs are good. The
> rest of the music doesn't seems to be very good...

actually, there's some pretty decent instrumental stuff on Operation 1, and
the soundtrack to Endless Waltz is also pretty good. Just my opinion though.
I definitely like the Gundam X vocal ones better.

> Edmund Chiu

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