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Kaworu Nagisa wrote:

> Whatever... but you must know that the Japanese thought
> and culture is very different from the American. This
> simple logic explains why to someone's opinion, anime
> is better than cartoons and vice versa. It just depends
> on one's upbringing and what one is willing to accept
> afterwards. Personally, I keep an open mind about things.
> Sure, some cartoons may be good and all, but I would
> never say that it would come at par with anime. In my
> opinion, some things are better left as they are. Just
> imagine if there would come a time when Americans are
> directing anime... brr... gives me the shivers... ~_~
> I dunno... it's still not right. I mean, look at the
> cartoons we have nowadays; the better anime gets, the
> worse cartoons become (Geez... look at Princess Tenko).
> Well, not all of them of course. But if you think about
> it, there is really no need to take cartoons seriously
> as no one even dies in them. That fact alone tells how
> shallow and "kid's stuff" all cartoons are, and
> unfortunately, anime gets mistaken to be no different.
> Don't you just hate it when someone would say; "You
> still watch that?" or "Aren't you a bit too old to
> be watching cartoons?", and that is, while you're
> watching a good anime? Let's face it, there's a
> wall between anime and cartoons... and it's what
> makes anime so great, and I consider myself lucky that
> I'm one of those who are "blessed" to see this wall.
> Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)
Indeed. However, while most american animated shows are either still
godawful pieces of trash (like the aforementioned Princess Tenko) there
are the occasional standouts. Earlier in this thread were mentioned
Gargoyles, Spiral Zone, The Batman and Superman animated series, and
even Centurions. In addition, there have been a few others that stand
out as well. Invasion: America, for example. There are people that see
this show and think that it's in fact Anime, even though it was produced
and created entirely by Dreamworks. Yes, Vilchen, the wall is there.
However, it is getting thinner as we go on.

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