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ahhh, thanks to my friend Alex, I now have me fine looking Hygog and Zugock
from the 0080 series of kits. Alex, I will now get you your lovely
G-Falcon 1/100...anyway...

construction wise, these guys look like they are reissues. lots of flash,
a bad shoulder stickjoint for the Hygog, and some blurred details are not a
good sign.
Anyway, here we go.

The Zugock-E is a retcon of the nice one used in the OYW.

plusses: good claws, nice poseability, and a very nice basic color for
it...gray and white and with some black's pretty massive
for a 1/1440 Kit, easily looks bigger than an f90. The only complaints I
have are the joints for the elbow and the knees. being plastic-on-plastic
joints, they're bound to become loose, so I guess it's time to pull out
knowledge concerning how to minimize this problem.
to each his own way.

the proportions are way good, with it lkooking very credibly menacing. the
claws are large enough to really grab onto an 0080 GM and shake it around.

The Hygog, on the other hand is a mixed bag.

It has this natural powder-bluish color which makes it look...cute, rather
than menacing...rthe arms, inlike the kapule, are jointed at every segment,
so it is very poseable, but the problem is that these joints are
plastic-to-plastic, and so are the elbow and kness (a feature of these
kits, it seems). the claws for the Hygog are an interesting thing...there
are three sets of four claws each. each set is a claw in a different
position, from straight to bent outward. mixing these claws and plugging
em into the arm wil get the dsired pose. just experiment. it also comes
with parts for the arm still in the canisters, along with two missiles, to
be launched from the palm. the shoulders pads have polycaps that prevent
them from sagging loosely, and the legs are nicely done. my only complaint
is that the polycaps in teh shoulder aren't properly anchored, and so tend
to be needed to be fixed into place.

aside form that, though, they look cool and massive, and definitely are
nasty enemies....I can now understand why they have this incredible
psychologica factor..

I am planning to custom paint these two, and memphasize their

"Magic is the hand of faith..."

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