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> For Gundam X, that really depends on what you call on a different
> opening credit sequence. For the song Dreams, they had three different
> variation of opening credit (one at the very beginning, one when Gundam X
> divider appears, and one when Gundam Double X appears).

hmm... do you know if there was also a different song used? I really just
want to know for the purpose of naming files, but I figure that since
there's more than one I shouldn't have a problem, that's really all I needed
to know for sure.

> I think it was around episode 22 or so. I just remember it's a bit
> Gundam DX appears....
> Personally, I like Gundam X's opening songs, even more so than the
> in Gundam W....

Ah, you know, I've only seen 4 episodes of the series so far, but I've
noticed a few things I really like about the series. The gundams (even
though the airmaster is a cheap impersontaion of Zeta) look really cool, and
I gotta say, the X is one cool-lookin MS. Even though the fansubs I had were
kinda crappy visual quality, the animation seems pretty good too. I don't
want to make any judgments about the series yet because well, I've only seen
4 episodes. So far though, so good.

The other thing I definitely like about it is the music. Like I said, I
bought the soundtracks and the vocal songs are, I think, better than the
ones for wing, and I've got those CDs too.

(Side question: what's on the Blind Target CDs/where can I get them?)

> Edmund Chiu

Thanks ed!

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