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> Most gundam series have two different opening credits sequences and ending
> sequences, and from the G/X Side CDs, I'll assume Gundam X is the same
> izzat true? (I think the two opening sequence songs are "Dreams" and
> "Resolution" but I'm not sure on the closing credits.)

    For all the Gundam I have seen, besides 0080 and 08 MS Team, along with
the movies, all Gundam shows have two version of OP (forgot about the first
Gundam TV series. Anyone can confirm?) with two different opening songs.

    For Gundam X, that really depends on what you call on a different
opening credit sequence. For the song Dreams, they had three different
variation of opening credit (one at the very beginning, one when Gundam X
divider appears, and one when Gundam Double X appears).

> Am I right? Anyone know at what episode they change the open.end credits
> sequences?

    I think it was around episode 22 or so. I just remember it's a bit after
Gundam DX appears....

    Personally, I like Gundam X's opening songs, even more so than the ones
in Gundam W....

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