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Tue, 5 Oct 1999 00:54:16 -0400

> to have a US version of Giren's Greed, I've heard people on this ML say
> things about.

if Gundam RFTA does good on the DC when it's released here, and if it's a
good game (as everyone says it is), I wouldn't rule out the possibility of
more US Gundam games. Some of the older ones probably wouldn't be brought
out here, but sequels and the like could be. Giren's greed was one of the
big ones, along with Zeta and CCA which were both also pretty good. (I
almost bought CCA at an import store for 80 bucks, but didn't trust my
credit card to it, so I held off. I should have bought the damn thing when I
had the chance.)

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