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> What? You've never heard of these people before. These are some of the
> great model builders from Hobby Japan; especially Max Watanabe, this man
> way cool. My friends and I refer to him as 'model sensei'. I learned how
> to do resin recast from his article in Hobby Japan. I suggest you pick up
> some old Hobby Japans from the late '80s to see the work this man can do.
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> Vince Leon

Sorry man. As much as I'm into gundam, and the models, and the building and
the painting and the detailing, and stuff (stuff! couldn't forget the
stuff!), I've never read a single issue of any model magazine, including
hobby japan. I probably should, but I actually enjoy learning from my

It gave me a better sense of accomplishment, for example, when I finished my
Unit 2 MG kit. I spent about two and a half weeks on it, assembling in about
two days, and spent the next two weeks working on methods to paint the panel
lines, some shadows, outlines, detailing, the yellow stripes, the shield,
and the like. I had numerous disasters, one of which involved an attempt to
use thinner to clean a part off, which resulted in a nasty stain on one of
the shoulder armors. I had to go and fix that, and find another way to paint
it in the process.

I guess the whole point of the rant is uh, well, that's cool that there are
dudes out there who are better than me, but I just like looking at pretty
pictures and painting my own stuff. No offense to any of the pro modelers
out there, guys.

Matt "pointless babble" Hanyok
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