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<< How strudy and durable is the MG Dom? About, in inches, how tall is the MG
 Dom? Also, does it come in the correct colors, does anything need painted to
 make it look good?
I'd say it is fairly durable not as fragile as the GP-01 series of MG. I
don't know the exact height in inches, but it is pretty much as tall as the
MG Gelgoog. Nothing needs to be painted but it isn't the molded in the same
color blue-grey color shown in all the pictures. Instead it is very purple.
 not a bad color, in fact it is truer to the Dom's appearances in most anime,
but it definately is different from the pictures. IT is very good at hiding
the seams like the Gelgoog, and it came up with an ingenious way of having
the red insides of the armor as seen in the original anime without having to
paint them. I'd say it is a great kit IMHO.


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