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> The Gundam - Rise from the Ashes game has been confirmed for US release
> first quarter 2000. There's no word on whether the bonus disc will be
> included for US release but it doesn't make any sense not to.

I heard this too. Hopefully it won't be canceled. A few months ago, like
about 3-4 I guess, Gundam Battle Master and Macross VF-X 2 where both
supposed to be released in the US, Battlemaster was canceled, but VF-X2 is
still going to be released in the US. Bringing Gundam games to the US is a
very good idea, as most game players I know love robots, but have never heard
of Gundam, but like it when they see my Gundam kits when I show them some
good anime. Hope more Gundam stuff is released in America. This is good news,
thank you for posting it. Now, all we need is more Gundam games and the model
kits in the US. I know the kits are supposed to come to the US, but I will
still have my doubts, until I actually go and see them in the isles of Toys
"R" Us, Wal-Mart, etc and bring one of them home, with hopefully the same
manuals as the Japanese ones, but with the writting in English. I would like
to have a US version of Giren's Greed, I've heard people on this ML say good
things about.

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