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Tue, 05 Oct 1999 11:39:42 +1300

Good news for Gundam game fans with Dreamcasts.

A extra bonus mission disc is being released for the Dreamcast game
Gundam Side story - Rise from the Ashes. The original game, as good as
it is , was criticised by fans for not including Gundam. This time
around Bandai has actually listened to their customers and feedback at
the Tokyo Game Show (mid Sept) and the disc which was due out September
30, is now confirmed for October 31 release.

The bonus disc contains a training simulation developed by Amuro for GM
pilots and you basically get to fight the WhiteBase mobile suits.
(sounds like something the Zeon pilots would like to have used). In
order to obtain the game in Japan you need proof of ownership of the
original game (part of the original packaging) as well as the password
you get upon completing the game + 200yen stamp. As far as I know it
will not be available in shops for general release in Japan. (Hopefully
import game dealers will be able to get around this) The game can only
be played with the original disc plus completed game save.

The Gundam - Rise from the Ashes game has been confirmed for US release
first quarter 2000. There's no word on whether the bonus disc will be
included for US release but it doesn't make any sense not to.

Also for the original game, the GM's beam spray gun is available for
download through the internet in Japan. I have no idea how to download
it from outside Japan.

You can check out the screen shots at
It is a Japanese text only site.


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