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>> Just wondering does anyone know how to get the faded look that those
>> people do on models? (not weathering,I know how to do that)

>Well That really doesn't matter since I recently bought an airbrush. I
had the
>gundam perfect models catalog and in the back the guy had some clear
stuff in
>the color cup of his airbrush, I think its thinner but I really don't
>mess up so I figure I'll ask around first. I did something similar with
>really reduced white but I don't think that how they do it so I was

If you are referring to the pictures on the use of the airbrush on page
114 of the Gundam Perfect Models Catalogue Ver1.0, then I am afraid it
is not demonstrating the 'faded' look that you are after. The picture
of the airbrush cup with the clear liquid is demonstrating the cleaning
process after each use. The clear liquid is of course a thinner.

The piece looks 'faded' because it is demonstrating the airbrushing
technique of painting from the edges first. The piece being painted
blue was initially painted with white undercoat( I presume to make it
easier to see the painting process). You will notice that in the second
picture it is completely blue, and on the next page, the weathering
effects are added to the newly painted piece as well as the decals.

I guess , if you really wanted the 'faded' look as in the book, you can
just paint the piece white first and then lightly spray over it in such
a way to get the desired effect.

I hope you didn't ruin any good pieces experimenting.


>Well I kinda of narrowed it down to some clear liquid I have to
airbrush I
>figure its thinner or something clear... I guess I'll airbrush every
>liquid until it works.......


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