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> Eddie writes,
> >I actually have all 6 volumes of the manga, and IIRC there
> were only 2 that
> >were in active service. The third one you guys are thinking
> about probably
> >referring to the "upgraded" Crossbone Gundam Seabook pilots
> after his got
> >thrashed. So, in no time were there more than 2 Crossbone
> Gundams on active
> >duty.
> I don't remember how many there were at any one time, but
> the "X3" unit
> that appears in the final volumes is a third distinct mobile suit,
> delivered by a supply ship from some off-camera Crossbone
> Vanguard base. It
> ends up being given to Tobia Arronax, and I dimly recall that he and
> Seabook end up fighting side by side at the end of the story.

Now that I have read all 6 volumes, the third unit X3 is one build by
Cecila's cousin. It has 2 distinct features not found on the other 2
Crossbone Gundam. 1, instead of beam shields, it has one I-field Generator
on each arm. Unfortunately, the I-Field Generator generates lots of heat,
and if the pilot fires up 1 arm and then the other arm, there will be a 30
seconds gap before the first arm is cool enough to be use again. Second, in
addition to all of the regular Crossbone Gundam weapons, it has a huge beam
sword/beam rifle combo. A large sword with 14 slots where beam sword would
comes out (kind of over the top in terms of design).

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