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>>I've been painting this HG Tallgeese III 1/100... and lately I've been
>>Should I use a primer first before putting some on? Will that help?
>Primer would definitely help, but you might also want to try Gunze Sangyo's
>flat white paint instead this time. Tamiya paint is great and all, but their
>flat white for some reason has been problematic for my friends and me in the
>>Is it better to use AUTOMOTIVE paint from cars? I mean, they do adhere to
>>surface right? so, I get to use a air spray right? or maybe just a brush?
>Wow, I've never tried that - for one thing, the paint may not be so easy to
>remove if you make a mistake...
>>* If I am to get off the white paint that's currently on the body... how do
>>Dip it in thinner?
>>Scrape off the paint?
>>or dab thinner on a piece of cloth and rub away ?
>Sorry, haven't found the need to do that myself... whenever something is
>wrong painting-wise, I get rid of it before it dries. However, Tamiya's
>paint is water soluable, so you might want to try using watered-down thinner
>instead of full-on thinner (you can always use 100% thinner later if the
>watered-down solution isn't effective) on a piece of cloth... I don't think
>dipping it in thinner is the way to go, as you might melt the plastic parts
>in the process.
>Hello, If you've ever smelled tamiya thinner you'd notice that its just
Isopropyl Alcohol so take a peice of cloth soak it in alcohol and rub off.

- Roger


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