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> Subject: Re: [gundam] Turn-A high heels

> Exactly...those designs are meant to be fantastic, LOL! I've always
> wondered though, whether it's the ground that will cave in or if the legs
> will buckle first. Do we already have material technology good enough to
> withstand the stresses that large mechanical legs will go through? or
> should that also be considered part of sci-fi as well?

Considering the shape and weight of all MS designs I'd guess that all of
their feet would crack any surface, be it hard earth, asphalt or concrete,
like you or I would if we were stomping around on top of a thin plaster
coating (doesn't matter on top of what) while wearing clogs. Doesn't matter
what shape the clogs are, the feet would sink.

I don't know if we have the technology now. I'll tell how you'd find out,
though. If we were building space colonies. The industry would have to
come up with innovation after innovation in order to make them safe enough
for people to live in. And if we got in a war that required mobile suits
I can guarantee that the new inventions would be staggering. We don't
need to do it now, so we don't.


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