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Paul Fields suggests,

>Ok, but all things being equal, what say
>Hyman gets promoted after 0083, he and
>Bosque have to cover up the Gundam Project
>that lead up to the Delaz colony incident.
>But knowing Jamitov not wanting to throw
>away a perfectly good tactical system, he
>could have shipped all the Gundam info off
>to Jupiter, with whatever scientists would
>go, that keeps anyone from discovering it
>and lets him develop Gundams for the long
>term of his regime.

  Problem is, it takes eighteen months just to get to Axis, let alone
Jupiter. Kondo set his little tale in 0083, around the same time as the
Delaz incident. So Scirocco's Gundam Mk. II-looking thing would have to
have been built circa 0081 to allow for transport time. Not really
feasible, is it?

>Just when DID the work on the Mk II begin,
>does anyone know that? Was it immediately after
>the one year war, after AEUG got the Galbaldy B
>or at some other time...

  Well, let's think. Presumably, it was after the Titans were formed in
0084. The chief innovation in the Mk. II - in fact, the only one left
after all the retconned Gundams that have swiped from it - is its movable
frame, a highly manueverable skeletal structure that yadda yadda yadda.
Word that the Titans were working on this eventually leaked out to
Anaheim/the AEUG, but the Type 100 was the first mobile suit they made
using this concept - evidently they didn't hear about the movable frame
in time to steal it for the Rick Dias.

  Otherwise, most of the necessary technology was in place by 0083-84.
The panoramic display/linear seat combo used in the GP03S can be traced
back to the Alex during the One Year War; the Gundarium Gamma alloy used
in the Rick Dias (but not the Mk.II) was developed at Axis 0083, and
brought to Anaheim by Char around the end of 0084. According to
Entertainment Bible 2, 0084 also saw the rollout of the Hizack, the first
mass-produced mobile suit with a linear seat. (The GM II, with its full
panoramic display, presumably came later.)

  While the Mk.II is pretty recently completed in early 0087, I could see
it taking a couple of years to refine the movable frame technology (just
as Anaheim's Gundam Development Project took two years from launch to
rollout). If I had to guess, I'd pick UC 0085 as a likely starting point.
That was the year the Titans carried out the 30 Bunch massacre and began
constructing their home base of Gryps, where the Mk.II was ultimately
built and tested - as good a time as any to launch an ambitious new project.

-- Mark

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